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Everything smooth: argan oil gives mature skin new elasticity

With experience, the demands increase - this is also the case with mature skin. She's done a lot to make you look your best. After all, a radiant complexion is worth its weight in gold, in this case the “Gold of Morocco”. Argan oil makes skin and hair supple - that's well known - but mature skin in particular benefits from its effects. You can find out here how this beauty treasure pampers demanding skin.

Everything smooth: argan oil gives mature skin new elasticity | Five Skincare

Argan oil - beauty elixir like from 1001 nights

Life experience makes you beautiful from within. But to be honest: That doesn't mean that we don't want to look good any more... In order for the skin to still look radiantly beautiful after the menopause, a good supply of moisture is the be-all and end-all. In addition to drinking plenty of water, you also need help from outside.

Argan oil is a real all-rounder. The golden-yellow Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil smoothes, makes it supple, protects against drying out and against environmental influences. No wonder it has a long tradition as a beauty elixir and remedy among sun-tested Berber tribes. And recent studies show that it gives even mature, dry skin new elasticity.

Argan oil restores moisture to mature skin

Young peach skin is like a new dress: in great shape, bright colors. But wash 100 times and the fabric will fade, thin, warp. Your skin is similar. Sun, cold, wind and chemicals tug at her. The skin barrier no longer regenerates as effectively and loses moisture more quickly. Fatty acids such as palmitic acid, stearic acid and linoleic acid decrease over time 1 and these fatty acids form an important part of the lipid layer that makes up healthy, beautiful skin.

Now for the positive: Argan oil is overall balance personified. The reason is the balanced composition of fatty acids. Among other things, it contains high levels of linoleic and palmitic acid, which become so rare over time. It has been proven to improve skin moisture even in skin that is no longer so keen to regenerate after the menopause 2 . The linoleic acid helps the skin to mend holes in its protective layer. The so-called transepidermal water loss (“TEWL” for short) decreases and the moisture content increases (which we find in specialist literature as WCE for water content of the epidermis).

Argan oil cares for face and body

Of course, linoleic acid is not the only interesting active ingredient in argan oil. Oleic acid has a smoothing effect and makes it pleasantly distributed. Linoleic and palmitic acid strengthen the skin's own protective barrier.

My top 5 benefits of argan oil are very clear:

  1. Argan oil promotes the regeneration of your skin by
    supplied with essential fats. Particularly important: linoleic acid for mature skin.
  2. For added protection, it forms a lightweight - non-sticky! – Film that reinforces the natural skin barrier .
  3. It regulates the skin's moisture balance for new elasticity and a firm appearance.
  4. Ceramides soothe sensitive and stressed skin and reduce inflammation 2 . If your skin is irritated or itchy, this is an incredibly pleasant immediate effect.
  5. Its special combination of phytosterols acts against oxidative processes and promotes cell renewal . This makes argan oil particularly suitable for mature skin.

Mix argan oil with shea butter for extra care

Argan oil and shea butter are a power duo, especially when it comes to caring for mature skin. Together they provide high levels of protective fatty acids, such as moisture-regulating linoleic acid (argan oil) and stearic acid (shea butter), which shields against environmental influences. They also form an essential part of the natural lipid layer of the skin. Due to the low spreading factor of the shea butter, your skin will enjoy this mixture for a really long time.

Tip: FIVE Shea Cream provides you with a balanced mixture of shea butter and argan oil. It rounds off the whole thing with regulating jojoba oil and melts into the moistened skin.

What should you consider when buying argan oil?

Argan oil is traditionally produced in elaborate manual work directly in Morocco. To do this, the seed leaves are ground and stirred with water for days to form a golden oil. There is now also cold-pressed oil that is made by machine. This does not actually change the effect, because the seeds are not roasted both times.

However, cold-pressed argan oils have a rather sour smell. Many do not find it so pleasant, which is why deodorized argan oil is often used. For this purpose, steam is passed through the oil at very high temperatures in order to practically blow the odor away. However, at such temperatures, many caring properties are gone with the wind. A more elegant solution is to pair it with a fragrant essential oil. That's how we have it with the FIVE Shea Cream dissolved with argan oil.

Why organic argan oil cares even better

Cold-pressed and natural is not a question for FIVE. But we go one step further and use organically grown oil. With the organic quality, all good active ingredients get on your skin and at the same time you minimize the exposure to pesticides. This is not only good for you, but also for the sensitive ecosystems. Sure, everything good has its price, but if everything continues to hum and hum in the future, the few francs are still a good investment, right? And with one or the other coffee-to-go less, they're back in no time.

Argan oil is not cheap, but it is worth the price

Argan oil is one of the most expensive cosmetic ingredients. Of course, depending on how much of the good stuff is actually in your care product, that will be reflected in the price. Even before you look at the INCI list, it gives you a hint as to whether argan oil is only contained in homeopathic doses or whether it is a basic ingredient. After all, 1 liter of pure argan oil requires around 30 kilograms of berries. And they only grow in a certain area of ​​Morocco worldwide.

So a scarce treasure. But especially for the care of mature skin, argan oil does a great job because it gives it more moisture. That's why I give a whole five out of 5 points for the care effect.

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