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Beauty all-rounder: what our summer care set can do

Summer means sun, fresh air and adventure - but also air conditioning, mosquito bites and UV radiation. How good that you are prepared for everything with our summer care set. Discover 10 tips and uses that will surprise you. By the way, well beyond the summer.

Beauty all-rounder: Our FIVE summer care set | Five Skincare

Two care products, many possibilities

Big plans, small luggage - our summer care set is your all-round carefree duo for all eventualities. It consists of the FIVE facial serum for extra moisture and a nourishing FIVE facial oil to suit your skin type. Both players of this dream team offer you unimagined possibilities individually and as a duo. They can do much more than basic care. Together they replace any cream and offer your skin everything it needs: moisture and nutrients and all this without any emulsifiers and frills.

Bags tend to quickly become, shall we say, confusing . So good news: With these 2 small bottles you can replace some other products and leave them at home. Let yourself be surprised what your new summer care set can do.

👜 At only 30 ml, both bottles easily fit into small toilet bags. So that nothing leaks, please always make sure that the bottles are screwed on tightly and don't forget the transparent lid of the pump dispenser.

FIVE Face Serum | FIVE Skincare

5 genius ways to use our face serum

  1. Ultra easy care

    Are you one of those people who prefer ultra-light day care on particularly hot days? Then the single application of the FIVE facial serum comes into play for you, because you should always prevent moisture loss in summer. FIVE Face Serum acts as a thirst quencher for dehydrated skin without feeling heavy or opaque.

  2. Basis for sun protection

    The facial serum provides pure moisture without weighing it down. The super-light texture is immediately absorbed and forms the ideal basis for heavy sunscreens, which often contain a high proportion of oils. You can mix particularly heavy textures with the face serum in the palm of your hand and make it lighter. Works great if, for example, you only have a body sunscreen on hand but want to use it on your face as well. IMPORTANT: Just keep in mind that the mixture has a weaker protective effect since you are wearing less sunscreen.

  3. SOS for mosquito bites

    Ouch, mosquito season is on. Unfortunately, our serum cannot do anything against the buzzing tormentors themselves, but it does provide relief for bites. Glycerine and rose water have a cooling effect and soothe the skin. They also help her to recover - when the itch has gotten stronger than your will not to scratch.

  4. Remedy for sunburn

    Intensity underestimated and it happened. Good thing you have your face serum on hand. Because glycerin together with rose water not only provide your skin with the moisture it urgently needs. Rose hydrolate also has a calming effect. And the high-molecular hyaluron that we use has excellent properties for wound healing.

  5. Protection in conditioned air

    Nice and cool, nice and dry: air conditioners pose a challenge for your skin. Give her extra protection that lasts a long time. Glycerine and hyaluronic acid attract water like a magnet. They keep moisture in your skin and keep it from drying out. Whether it's a flight or a marathon meeting, with the FIVE face serum you'll look just as radiant afterwards as you did before.

FIVE Facial Oils | FIVE Skincare

What the FIVE facial oil can do

  1. Antioxidants against sun stress

    A summer like this can be really stressful for your skin. If it feels stressed and rough after a day outdoors or by the water, the facial oil will quickly provide relief. Valuable fatty acids and antioxidants regenerate your skin that has been stressed by the hot temperatures and the sun. You will achieve the greatest effect in the combined application with the facial serum, because in summer it is actually twice as good: The facial serum provides the much-needed hydration while the facial oil provides your skin with nutrients and locks in moisture so that it can evaporate less quickly . This makes the skin nice and smooth and soft.

  2. Remove make-up and sunscreen very easily

    The high proportion of natural oils makes the facial oil a great make-up remover and mineral sunscreen can also be easily removed with it. Granted, there are cheaper options for everyday use, like our FIVE Make-up Remover , but if you want to pack sparingly, this hack is awesome. To remove make-up, massage generously into dry skin and then immediately remove with a damp cotton pad.

  3. Nourishing lip balm
    Brittle lips, a horror! Unfortunately, this happens all too quickly in dry air. The solution: nourishing vegetable oils that can do more than just provide first aid. Smoothing squalane makes you feel good right away. The melt-in-the-mouth jojoba oil lies protectively over delicate lip skin and prevents it from drying out.

  4. Soft cuticles

    Washing your hands, nail polish remover and more put a lot of strain on the thin skin around your nails. Nevertheless - hand on heart - we often treat this game quite neglected. With the facial oil this has now come to an end. It contains nourishing oils and vitamins that keep your cuticles soft and elastic. Gently massage in around the nail and allow to absorb well before washing your hands next time.

  5. Relaxing facial massage
    Have you already discovered facial massages for yourself? The FIVE facial oil is ideal for a relaxing and soothing facial massage after a stressful day. You can use tools like a Gua Sha stone or a face roller, but your hands or many more fingers will do just fine. This is a great way to relieve tension in the jaw, forehead and temple area and you will feel much more comfortable and refreshed afterwards.

Every day skin-friendly care in a duet

As you can see, the ingredients of the FIVE facial serum and the FIVE facial oils make them true multi-use products . Both take up very little space. Even more important: With this combo you can perfectly match your care to the condition of your skin.

The FIVE facial serum is a must as a moisturizer for every skin type. If your skin is rather dry and sensitive, it is best to combine it with the FIVE facial oil for dry skin, which also intensively nourishes your skin. If you have oily skin or combination skin, the FIVE facial oil for impure skin is the right choice, because the vegetable oils it contains have a regulating effect on sebum production.

☝️ My tip: mix the oil and serum in the palm of your hand and apply it evenly to your face and décolleté. Small rule of thumb for the summer: the hotter the weather, the lower the oil content should be.

You can adjust your care even more precisely via the dosage . Is it cold and windy outside? Take a little more of the oil to protect your skin well. Are you on the plane for a long time today? Then take precautions with a generous moisture depot.

Whatever the sunniest time of the year brings, with the FIVE summer care set you are well-groomed, from the tips of your nose to the tips of your hair.

Our FIVE summer care set consists of our facial serum and the facial oil that is right for your skin type.

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