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Skin care during pregnancy: what is good for you and your baby now!

Congratulations on your pregnancy! As wonderful as the time as an expectant mother is - it brings with it many questions: Which products can I safely use for a stomach massage and skin care during pregnancy? Are there ingredients that are absolutely taboo for pregnant women? And what should I watch out for with natural cosmetics and essential oils? You can get all the answers here.

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Photos by Terc and Nikita Korchagin

The 1 x 1 of the right skin care during pregnancy

One thing is clear – as a mom-to-be, you are on what may be the most exciting roller coaster ride of your life, both physically and emotionally. I have summarized for you how to navigate this when it comes to skin care during pregnancy .

  • Less is more: During pregnancy, the choice of skin care products takes on a whole new dimension. After all, substances that we apply to our skin enter our body in different concentrations 1 . It goes without saying that you want to protect your baby from harmful ingredients - and that you are giving cosmetics with long INCI lists and a care routine with ten different products a well-deserved break.

  • Targeted, gentle care: Instead of looking forward to a fresh baby glow, are you struggling with dry skin and itching? Your skin on your stomach, buttocks, thighs and breasts will now look forward to mild care products and minimalistic skincare . My insider tip: Moisture-storing hyaluronic acid in combination with nourishing oils such as black cumin oil, argan oil and jojoba oil. More on that in a moment.

  • Skincare detox: To be on the safe side, you should avoid ingredients such as retinol and skin-lightening hydroquinone during pregnancy 2 . Especially retinol and other forms of vitamin A (eg prescription tretinoin and isotretinoin) are an absolute no-go for pregnant women – they can harm your unborn child 2 .

Typical skin problems during pregnancy: This is how FIVE products can help you

Your growing baby bump is a constant reminder of the miracle your body is performing. And your skin is also in a state of emergency. Let's take a look at which skin changes are particularly common during pregnancy (and: how the FIVE products can give you soothing relief).

Itchy, dry skin on body

Your skin on your stomach suddenly feels like sandpaper? To make matters worse, an itchy rash is noticeable? Fact: Very dry, itchy skin is one of the most common skin changes during pregnancy 3 . In addition to the strong stretching that your skin is now going through, your genetic predisposition can also be a reason for extremely dry skin during pregnancy.

This will help you now

Pamper your baby bump and other dry, itchy skin with a combination of intense moisturizer and barrier-enhancing oils. You can use your favorite FIVE skincare products without hesitation - they were developed for facial care, but: Your skin performs at its best during pregnancy. You can consciously treat your stomach and chest to some luxury care.

  • The FIVE facial serum replenishes the moisture reserves of thirsty skin with hyaluronic acid and glycerin . The two mild care substances bind moisture in the tissue and thus promote skin moisture and elasticity. Soothing organic rose blossom water from Damascus roses also ensures soothing care pleasure. It has a soothing effect and its delicate scent makes your skin care during pregnancy an experience for all the senses!

  • The FIVE Face Oil Balance contains black cumin oil , which is characterized by a high content of linoleic acid 4 . The unsaturated fatty acid has a barrier-strengthening and regenerating effect 5 . Plus: Because it supports the elasticity of the skin, linoleic acid can prevent the formation of stretch marks .

My tip: Use both products in combination in the morning and/or evening to give your skin the full care effects. To do this, mix the facial serum with the facial oil in equal proportions in the palm of your hand, put it on your stomach and massage it in lovingly. You can also adjust the mixing ratio as you like, just as it feels good for you.

Discover our mild skin care suitable for pregnant women.

Stretch marks

As a new life grows inside you, your skin also grows beyond itself, so to speak - by the time the baby is due, the circumference of your abdomen will increase by around 40 centimetres! However, the strong stretching of the skin can strain the collagen structure in the tissue so much that it tears and the dreaded stretch marks appear. This happens most frequently in the third trimester 6 , when abdominal growth breaks all records at the end of the sprint.

This will help you now

Treat yourself and your baby to a gentle abdominal massage every day. That's doubly good - because you can naturally prevent stretch marks from developing 7 and at the same time lovingly strengthen the bond with your baby! Incidentally, studies indicate that massages have a positive effect on skin health and supporting fibers such as collagen 8 .

Studies also show that it is not just the application of a nourishing oil that is decisive, but rather the combination with a massage in order to counteract the development of stretch marks 9 .

If you use nourishing vegetable oils for your feel-good massage, you also provide your skin with valuable lipids that keep it supple. If you decide to use oils from organic farming , you are taking care of your baby bump with a clear conscience. I recommend my FIVE Shea Cream to you for this.

This is how the waterless balm with four organic oils and vitamin E cares for your growing belly:

  • Strengthened skin barrier: rich shea butter provides your skin with important fatty acids that it needs for a healthy barrier function. Its anti-stretch mark activity is attributed to its inhibitory effect on scar tissue formation 10 .

  • Velvety skin: light jojoba oil in the FIVE care formula is the perfect complement to moisturizing shea butter. The golden oil keeps skin soft and elastic, which can help prevent stretch-related tears 11 . Other advantages of the magical skin-flattering product: jojoba oil is quickly absorbed and relieves irritated skin with its anti-inflammatory effect 11 .

  • smoothing care: precious argan oil has been shown to increase skin elasticity and contains vitamin E, which can have a positive effect on the production of collagen and elastic fibers 12 . That's not all: argan oil has an antioxidant effect because, in addition to vitamin E, it contains powerful phytochemicals such as polyphenols and carotenoids.

  • subtle, gentle fragrance: due to its mood-enhancing effect, essential neroli oil is not only popular in aromatherapy for pregnant women, but is also ideal for skin care during pregnancy. As a powerful antioxidant, the freshly scented oil also has skin-protecting properties and has an anti-inflammatory effect 13 .

Here you can find more information about neroli for skin care !

My tip: make a small stomach massage with the rich FIVE Shea Cream a relaxing evening ritual for you and your baby. It is important to apply the water-free balm to slightly damp skin - either directly after the shower or in combination with the FIVE facial serum . To do this, first moisten your skin with the FIVE facial serum and then apply the Shea Cream. Or you can mix the two products right in the palm of your hand before massaging.

Make your daily abdominal massage and skin care during pregnancy a harmonious moment of pleasure for you and your baby.

Dark skin discolorations: hyperpigmentation

Did you know that up to 90% of all pregnant women are affected by hyperpigmentation? These large, dark skin discolorations are also known as melasma or pregnancy mask . They can appear on the face, but also on the abdomen. If you suffer from it too, I have good news for you: the discolouration usually disappears of its own accord no later than a year after childbirth 14 .

One reason for the increased pigment formation is the hormonal changes during pregnancy. Certain hormones stimulate the melanin-forming cells that are responsible for the coloring of our skin. If sunlight is added to this, the skin's own pigment formation runs at full speed.

This will help you now

  • Prevent excessive pigmentation by using adequate sun protection when you are outdoors.

  • Apply a moisturizing facial serum as a base under the sunscreen and protect your skin from UV rays in strong sunlight with clothing and/or a wide hat.

  • Use a mineral sunscreen and avoid synthetic sunscreen filters like benzophenone-3 and homosalate, which are suspected of having hormonal effects.

My recommendations are the mineral sunscreens from Madara and Pai Skincare. You don't quite get used to mineral sun protection? Then scan the sunscreen of your choice with the Yuka app to avoid unwanted ingredients in your skin care during pregnancy.

Your FAQs on ideal skin care during pregnancy

As an expectant mother, you have once again become aware of the unnecessary substances we allow into our bodies through cosmetics and nutrition. You would therefore like to switch to natural cosmetics and pure organic ingredients. But what exactly is the use of essential oils during pregnancy?

Can I Use Essential Oils in Skin Care During Pregnancy?

We only use very small amounts of essential oils such as neroli, lavender and grapefruit in the FIVE products . If you are not allergic to these oils, you can safely use these feel-good oils during your pregnancy. By the way, here is our article about essential oils !

Let’s take neroli essential oil as an example. Neroli has a calming, balancing and mood-lifting effect. You'll see: The fresh scent of the essential oil from the orange blossom takes you mentally to sun-drenched slopes full of blooming bitter orange trees in the Orient. Because it is not only good for the skin but also for the soul, it is often used in aromatherapy during pregnancy . At FIVE you will find the nourishing neroli oil in the shea cream and our gentle make-up remover .

What do I have to consider when it comes to my facial care during pregnancy?

If you use prescription creams and medications (such as for acne), you should seek medical advice. During pregnancy, it is generally recommended to avoid ingredients that belong to the group of retinoids. By the way, we have summarized our best tips against pimples during pregnancy in a separate article for you.

Otherwise, the rule of thumb applies: the more minimalist and transparent the composition of your skincare products, the better for skin care during pregnancy. At FIVE you know exactly what is in your skin care: Five pure, vegan and skin-friendly ingredients. Without compromises.

Would you like to switch completely to minimalist skincare ? Read here which FIVE facial care routine is right for you!

Conclusion: Gentle, minimalistic, transparent - this is what the right skin care during pregnancy looks like!

As an expectant mom, you want to protect the little treasure that grows and thrives in your belly as best you can. What is important when it comes to cosmetics? A transparent product formulation, as few ingredients as possible (which you can understand even without advanced knowledge of chemistry!) and mild care suitable for pregnant women . That's what I stand for with FIVE.

All the best,


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