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Spring at last: tips for radiant skin

Hibernation is over and we are so ready for spring! In contrast to our skin, which winter has left tired and pale. Don't worry, that can be changed. With our tips for beautiful, radiant skin in spring. Now read on and Get the Glow…

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Make winter-tired skin fit for spring

Good news: We're almost there! The long, gray and dull winter months are soon behind us and spring is already knocking on the door, softly but audibly. Everywhere it begins to bud, to green and to bloom. So let's get out of our winter cave and finally soak up the long-awaited rays of sunshine! If only it weren't for the sallow, winter-weary skin that gets red and blotchy the first time it comes into contact with the sun and doesn't have a summery glow at all. Is that how you feel? Then pay attention now! We'll tell you how to optimally care for and protect your skin at this time of year so that it competes with the spring sun.

Skin care for glowing skin

In spring it is important not to overstrain our skin. For months she hardly got any direct sun and even the last summer tan has disappeared from our faces. We should therefore treat them with kid gloves. In order to get the skin to shine again, a little sensitivity is required and a routine based on the following three pillars: cleansing, care, protection . If you heed the following tips, your skin will soon be just as radiant as the blue spring sky.

Radiant skin in 5 steps

At home: cleaning & care

1. Thorough evening cleaning.

With the FIVE Make-up Remover and the Oil Cleansing Method . Our make-up remover oil for face and eyes is particularly mild on the skin and therefore also suitable for sensitive skin types. If you also want to promote blood circulation in your skin, combine the evening make-up removal ritual with a soothing facial massage . Good for the glow because it relaxes the facial muscles and thus your facial expressions. At the same time, it supplies your skin with oxygen-rich blood, which transports nutrients better and thus ensures a real freshness kick.

In the article “Cleaning your face with oil – The Oil Cleansing Method” we explain step by step how best to proceed when cleaning your face with oil . 

2. Moisture is the be-all and end-all.

Our skin needs moisture like we need the air to breathe. As the seasons change, so does the way you moisturize. In winter, cosmetics containing oil in particular protect our skin from wind and weather. With the warmer temperatures in spring, the signs are changing and lighter care products are finding their way into our bathroom cabinets.

We therefore recommend that you pamper your face, neck and décolleté with our FIVE facial serum after thorough cleansing . This allows your skin to replenish its moisture storage overnight and regenerate in peace - essential for radiant skin. In the morning, simply apply a generous amount of the facial serum together with one or two drops of facial oil to your face, which has been washed with lukewarm water, and the day can start.

3. Maintain your body holistically.

Not only the face, but also the rest of your body deserves attention. Because if you generally feel comfortable in your own skin, then you radiate it - and so does your skin. Therefore, treat yourself to a brush massage in the morning , which stimulates the lymph flow, which in turn strengthens the immune system. Other positive effects: You get going better in the morning and prevent cellulite. After the shower, do something good for your still damp skin by gently massaging in body oil.

In this article, we have summarized for you the most important points to consider when brushing: Dry brushing: Instructions for the self-care ritual. 

Outdoors: Always well protected

4. Avoid active sunbathing.

As soon as the first warm spring sun shines through the cloud cover, we are really drawn outside, into the open air. Whether it's going for a walk, on the picnic area or on the terrace of our favorite café: we want to soak up every ray of sunshine. That's totally okay if it's done in moderation. On the other hand, trying to achieve glowing skin through excessive sunbathing is not a good idea .

In the long run, you achieve exactly the opposite: a suntan looks nice at first, but promotes an uneven skin tone - and by the coming winter at the latest, it will literally make you look old. Our tip for getting "color on your face" in a healthy way in spring is: self-tanning lotion and rouge instead of excessive sunbathing.

☝️ Beauty tip : It is best to always keep self-tanners in the fridge and buy new ones every year. In this way you avoid the risk of the tanning ingredient dihydroxyacetone developing a carcinogenic effect.

5. Apply sunscreen.

An absolute MUST in spring, as the skin's natural protection against UV rays is short at this time of year. Self-protection time means the period of time during which your skin can protect itself from UV radiation without being damaged. Incidentally, this is not only the case if you get a sunburn caused by UV-B rays. UV-A rays are also tough, as they damage the deeper layers of the skin and thus accelerate skin aging. 

The duration depends on the skin type and is just 10 minutes for very light-skinned people (skin type 1). With sunscreen, this period of time cannot be delayed indefinitely, but it can at least be extended. Therefore, a small tube of sunscreen definitely belongs in every handbag and backpack in spring.

Before applying sunscreen from last summer, take a quick look at the sell-by date to be on the safe side . Unopened suntan lotion can normally be kept for 30 months from the date of manufacture. However, you should not use opened tubes after a year, as the protective function of the UV filters contained decreases over time.

☝️ Beauty tip : Don't forget to always wash off sunscreen thoroughly in the evening, because this way your skin can breathe and regenerate at night. Simply use the FIVE make-up remover as described in step 1.

At a glance: Get radiant skin in 5 steps

Step 1: Clean with the Oil Cleansing Method
Step 2: Moisture for regeneration
Step 3: Brush massage for blood circulation
Step 4: Self-tanning instead of sunbathing
Step 5: Sun protection against skin damage

Self-Care: Radiant skin from within

Radiant skin is not only a question of the right care, but also the result of a holistically healthy lifestyle as well as inner balance and contentment. Use this moment of the year to finally throw unhealthy habits overboard. Spring gives you the necessary positive energy to establish new routines :

Everyday tips for glowing skin

  • Go offline more often : Turn off the computer and put the cell phone aside – it relaxes you and brings you back to the analogue world.
  • Get out in the fresh air : Get outdoors for at least 30 minutes a day – whether it’s walking or exercising.
  • Take a break : take a deep breath, clear your head and then carry on in peace.
  • Get a good night's sleep : There is hardly a more efficient remedy for radiant skin than adequate and restful sleep.
  • An apple a day : Eat a healthy diet with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables - preferably seasonal and regional.

🥦 If you want to know how to make your skin glow with anti-inflammatory nutrition, we recommend taking a look at the article « Anti-inflammatory nutrition for the skin - Why is the right diet important for beautiful skin?»

Declaration of love to spring 

Spring may be the most awaited season of all, but why is that? Why are we all beaming when it finally says: "Spring is here!" So that you can experience spring even more consciously and fully enjoy the wonderful energy of these months, our tip is: Create your personal love letter to spring with 10 things that you are looking forward to the most. By the way, this is what our declaration of love looks like – maybe we have a few points in common with you? 😊

Dear spring!

10 reasons why we love you so much:

  1. You give us that wonderful tingling in our stomachs that we usually only get when we're in love.
  2. You inspire us to have a picnic in the meadow with dear friends and family.
  3. You motivate us to do the urgently needed spring cleaning - also on the skin and in the cosmetics cabinet.
  4. You bring us the seductive scent of flowering trees, bushes and meadows.
  5. You let us leave the house in daylight and come back in the evening.
  6. You're finally making outdoor sports possible again .
  7. You let us exchange the thick anorak for a light jacket .
  8. You wake us up in the morning with the melodious chirping of birds .
  9. You make us want the first ice cream of the year.
  10. You make us want to have a barbecue in the garden .

Spring, how nice that you exist! 💘

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