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Dry skin: should I use FIVE Shea Cream or FIVE Face Oil?

Dry skin is not optimally protected. This makes them sensitive, which in turn can become super uncomfortable. That's why you'll find two specialists for this problem at FIVE: The FIVE Shea Cream and the FIVE Face Oil Regeneration. But which product is right for you? In fact, the little word “now” is still missing here. After all, your skin is not always dry in the same way.

Dry skin: should I use FIVE Shea Cream or FIVE Face Oil? | Five Skincare

What do FIVE Shea Cream and FIVE Facial Oil have in common?

many. As I said, they were both specially developed for the needs of dry and sensitive skin . And because we are talking about FIVE products here, they are also vegan and each consist of a maximum of 5 ingredients. Because both completely do without water, emulsifiers, alcohol and all other fillers. That makes them super productive and concentrated . So you have a lot of the organic vegetable oils that care for your skin velvety.

They supply your skin with natural fatty acids, antioxidants and ceramides, which it can easily absorb. So it feels softer immediately after application. And these active ingredients help to better protect the skin from drying out again. The skin's moisture is retained better in the long term .

What is the difference between FIVE Facial Oil and FIVE Shea Cream?

That's why you're here, so straight to the point: There are different degrees of dryness and we have two different products for that. Their obvious difference lies in their consistency , which in turn affects the intensity of care. In short:

The FIVE Shea Cream is a balm that is solid in the jar and only melts when it comes into contact with the skin. This ensures a particularly rich care experience and long-lasting protection.
→ Ideal, for example, for extremely dry, stressed skin, icy cold and chapped areas

The facial oil regeneration, on the other hand, is a liquid oil specially made for delicate facial skin. It nourishes, protects and absorbs quickly.
→ Ideal, for example, for hot days and daily facial care for dry skin

🧑‍🦳 By the way, both products are ideal for mature skin that often struggles with dryness. Here they are also ingenious in combination to improve skin moisture and give it a new glow. More on this in the Deep Dive on both products.


Your personal skin consultation is just an email away.

Skin care is sometimes a bit complicated. Not sure what your skin type is or what kind of care would be good for you? We advise you individually and free of charge by e-mail.

Your personal skin consultation is just an email away.

Skin care is sometimes a bit complicated. Not sure what your skin type is or what kind of care would be good for you? We advise you individually and free of charge by e-mail.

The FIVE Shea Cream ideal for particularly dry skin | Five Skincare

Deep Dive: FIVE Shea Cream

🔎 Organic shea butter supports skin regeneration, while organic jojoba and argan oil retain moisture and make the skin supple. Vitamin E acts as a radical scavenger and the essential neroli oil gives the cream its subtle scent.

All-round care against dryness

This waterless balm owes its velvety-firm consistency, which only melts on the skin, to the shea butter. It has a high melting point and is just solid at room temperature. The balm forms a delicate film on the skin that protects it from drying out. That's why your skin feels cared for for a long time with the FIVE Shea Cream. She is also a real all-rounder.

For daily skin care

The Shea Cream was also explicitly developed as a facial care product . Here you can use them extremely sparingly.

Perfect rich cream
“It's a perfect winter day cream because it's not watery. But she still absorbs well. And because it's not too heavy, I can also use it as a night cream if my skin is too dry.» annie

Rescue for particularly dry skin

Whether on the face or body, this balm also cares for notoriously rough areas such as knees, elbows or sore hands. Some also use them as lip balm. Here are a few customer testimonials:

Absolute madness!
«... My dry patches on my face have improved significantly... During the winter months my hands are so dry and bleeding. I have tried so many hand creams and none really helped - but the FIVE Shea Cream after the first application!» sandra

Best product for dry & sensitive skin
«Before using these products, my skin was always extremely dry with a tendency to scaly skin, and I also have rosacea. (...) I've been using the products since around December 2020 and what can I say, my skin is super moisturized, no trace of tight skin or flaky skin.» vanessa

My magic cream! 🔮
«I've been using the Shea Cream for a few weeks now. It gradually became my all-rounder cream. Brilliant as a lip balm, body cream, hand cream» Désirée

For mature skin, especially after the menopause

The FIVE Shea Cream has a very balanced composition that mature skin benefits from. It usually dries out quicker. The balm helps by reducing moisture loss AND bringing special lipids that mature skin normally lacks. They are mainly found in organic argan oil .

📚 Reading tip : More on this in our article series “Menopause up close”, which reveals what care menopausal skin needs and how you can support it holistically .

Rich face cream
«I am so excited about this care line. I have extremely dry skin as I am going through menopause. No face cream helped me... My dry skin on my face looked gray and old, I feel my skin looks tighter and more relaxed. Wouldn't give her up." Dominica

"I've been using shea cream since it's been around, so the creases on the décolleté are gone, I'm happy to remain a customer." Edeltraud

As a cold protection cream

Experience has shown that the skin dries out more quickly in winter. This is due to the wind and cold outside and the heating inside. This is where a richer balm comes in handy. Anyone who is outside longer in winter – winter walks and such – should protect their skin from icy temperatures with FIVE Shea Cream . This prevents frost damage.

📚 Reading tip : Why does your skin love our waterless balm in winter? We'll tell you the 7 benefits of FIVE Shea Cream in winter.

For massages

Nourishing care and gentle massages can prevent stretch marks and unpleasant feelings of tension during pregnancy . The FIVE Shea Cream is gladly used for this. Incidentally, the neroli oil it contains is an essential oil that is ideal during pregnancy.

The pleasantly scented balm is also ideal for facial massages . Due to the stimulated blood circulation, the skin can optimally absorb its valuable active ingredients.

Conclusion on the shea cream

  • Nourishes and protects intensively with a rich texture
  • For very dry skin, eg in winter
  • For stressed skin, eg after gardening
  • For mature skin
  • As protection against the cold, eg during winter sports
  • For massages

The FIVE facial oil for dry skin ideal for daily facial care | Five Skincare

Deep dive: The FIVE facial oil regeneration

🔎 The light facial oil based on jojoba oil supports cell renewal and regeneration with sea buckthorn pulp oil and lavender oil. Squalane from olives makes the skin soft and smooth. There is also vitamin E as an antioxidant and this time essential lavender oil, which promotes the healing of stressed skin.

Light and nourishing for EVERY day

Because the FIVE Shea Cream is sometimes too heavy for some as day care for the face, we have expanded the FIVE range with our facial oils. The Regenerating Skin facial oil is rich in care, but with a light texture . Perfect for the daily care of dry skin.

Also as summer care

Because it is quickly absorbed, the facial oil feels very pleasant even in summer. When it's warm , the skin itself produces more fat. So your face needs a little less support and is happy about the easy care.

Glow for mature skin

The sea buckthorn pulp oil in the FIVE Regenerating facial oil brings a nutrient cocktail that boosts skin regeneration . It is therefore also ideal for mature skin. Gladly as a supplement to or alternately with the FIVE Shea Cream.

Customers say about the FIVE facial oil regeneration:

«Less redness, no more dryness, the oil is not shiny and the skin is soft.» flora

Be sure to try it!
«... My skin feels really great... Together with the serum perfect for the day, in the evening I like the serum alone. Except for the area around the eyes and the décolleté - they always get both." MR

Conclusion on the face oil

  • Nourishes intensely with a light texture
  • For dry skin
  • Glow for mature skin
  • For the face including the delicate eye area
  • Basic care for every day, summer and winter
  • Nourishes and absorbs pleasantly quickly

Can I combine both products?

Sure, of course! For one, you might want to use a lighter product in the summer than in the winter. Or you can use the FIVE facial oil, which absorbs so quickly in the morning. In the evening you treat yourself to a little more care with the FIVE Shea Cream. Together they cover all your anti-dryness needs, literally from head to toe.

This is how our customers combine the two care products:

"I've finally found a care product for my very, very dry skin... In the meantime, I can get by with the serum and the care oil for dry skin in everyday life and I still need the shea cream to protect against the cold outside." Renate

fine oil
«Very happy with it - use over face serum. If it gets even colder, I use the Shea Cream.» Beatrice

Melts on the skin like butter
«This shea cream is just s'Zähni!!! It absorbs great. Only when it's really hot ... I prefer the face oil mixed with serum (it absorbs a bit faster).» tina

The right application – why both love water

Neither FIVE Shea Cream nor our facial oils contain water, but of course your skin still needs it. Because water is moisture. Fortunately, in this country it flows happily out of the tap. So, and this is important when using: Apply both products together with moisture. Why does oil need water? We have dedicated a separate article to this question .

And this is how it works: Moisten the skin with water and apply the product to damp skin.

💡 Tip: Instead of water you can also use the FIVE face serum. This is based on rose blossom water , which also has a wonderfully calming effect. Glycerin and hyaluronic acid also improve your skin's moisture level.

Skin care with sensitivity

You don't always have the same appetite. Nor does your skin always have exactly the same needs. listen to them! For example, take the facial oil for every day and the FIVE Shea Cream when and where your skin needs a lot of love. Or do it the other way around: the balm as basic care and the FIVE face oil on particularly warm days. Try it out a little at the beginning and do what feels right for your skin. She will thank you with a soft skin feeling.

All the best!
Your Anna

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