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Facial oil

Make your skin glow with our light facial oils made from all-natural and vegan ingredients. Buy your facial oil to match your skin type and use the golden-yellow beauty elixir pure or combine it with the FIVE facial serum for the maximum moisture boost and super-fast absorption.

Pflegendes Gesichtsöl für trockene Haut | Five SkincareFIVE Gesichtsöl Regeneration – Trockene und reife Haut | Five Skincare

FIVE Facial Oil Regeneration

Nourishing oil for dry and mature skin

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30 ml (CHF 155.67 / 100 ml)

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Gesichtsöl für Mischhaut, fettige Haut und unreine Haut | Five SkincareFIVE Gesichtsöl Balance | Five Skincare

FIVE Facial Oil Balance

Regulating oil for normal to oily skin

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30 ml (CHF 155.67 / 100 ml)

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Natural facial oil from Five Skincare

FIVE facial oils - quickly absorbed and light

Our facial oils are light and - when used correctly - do not leave a greasy film on the skin. The reason for this is the vegetable squalane, which we use as a base oil together with cold-pressed jojoba oil (organic). Squalane is one of the most spreading vegetable oils. The spread value defines how quickly an oil spreads on the skin. The higher it is, the lighter the oil feels.

Use your face oil sparingly . Since it does not require filler, it contains the full plant power in a concentrated form. One to three drops applied to damp skin are sufficient for the caring effect. If you like, treat yourself to a loving facial massage . This promotes blood circulation and tightens the tissue. In addition, the warmed skin can absorb the facial oil better.

The facial oil absorbs most quickly in combination with the FIVE facial serum . Apply both together and a few seconds later your skin has soaked up the care and feels soft and smooth.

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The right facial oil for every skin type

A nourishing face oil should not be missing in any day care. By combining base oils with active ingredient oils, it can be used specifically for different skin needs .

At FIVE you will find the right care oil for every skin type. Our facial oil for dry skin contains cold-pressed sea buckthorn pulp oil (organic), which promotes cell renewal and thus intensively nourishes and regenerates dry and mature skin.

Our facial oil for impure skin is all about balance. Cold-pressed black cumin oil (organic) is known for its regulating properties on calloused skin. Of course, this facial oil is not only suitable for impure skin. Even skin without problems, combination skin and oily skin benefit from the balancing properties of the coordinated ingredients.

frequently asked Questions

Facial oils nourish the skin and provide it with fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants. These valuable substances care for and protect your skin for a long-lasting natural glow. Make sure that it is a facial oil made from vegetable oils , as these are metabolized by your skin. Using mineral oils is like eating cardboard. You get full, but you don't give your body anything to use.

Facial oils should always be applied to a damp face so that they can be absorbed quickly and develop their nourishing effect. Apply the facial oil immediately after washing and massage it in gently. For an additional care effect, you can use a plant hydrosol instead of water, which you spray on. However, the facial oil absorbs most quickly in combination with the moisturizing FIVE facial serum . To do this, mix one drop of facial oil with two drops of serum in the palm of your hand and apply both products together.

A classic face cream consists of water (main component) and oils, which are combined with emulsifiers to form an emulsion. The ideal composition for our skin, because it needs moisture and fat. However, the cream concept requires a number of auxiliary substances such as emulsifiers, consistency enhancers and preservatives. All components that we do not find in the cream because of their positive effect on the skin, but to keep the product stable. A face oil, on the other hand, doesn’t need any of that. It consists exclusively of nourishing vegetable oils and does not contain any fillers, preservatives or additives. Facial oils are the secret stars in skin care : pure plant power for maximum effect.

Not directly. Facial oils do not moisturize, but they help retain water in the skin. You do this in two ways. First, high-quality vegetable oils, such as those found in natural facial oils, are related to the oils in our skin. They are metabolized by her and can integrate into the skin barrier. An intact skin barrier protects your skin from water loss , which is stored in the deeper layers of the skin. Secondly, facial oils also protect against moisture loss on the skin's surface. The light film that forms after applying the oil seals and thus retains the water in the skin . Note: Because face oils don't directly moisturize, it's important to apply them to damp skin.

If you are under 25 years old, yes. With increasing age, the water content in the skin and its ability to store moisture decreases. That's why a facial oil alone is no longer enough , the skin also needs water-binding substances such as hyaluronic acid or glycerin. That's why it's best to combine your facial oil with the moisturizing FIVE facial serum , which additionally hydrates your skin and ensures that it looks plump and fresh.

Face or body oils based on natural vegetable oils do not dry out the skin, quite the opposite ! However, you have to pay attention to the handling so that your skin can absorb the valuable fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants. Care oils therefore always belong on the still damp skin . This creates a spontaneous emulsion that nourishes and cares for your skin. Take the time to massage the care oils well into your skin and you will see that the result is anything but dry.