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Save packaging with the reusable box

Thank you for your interest in the sustainable reusable box. This means we deliver your natural cosmetics to your home with almost no packaging.

Nachhaltige Mehrwegbox | Five Skincare

Everything about the reusable box

  • The Dispobox is provided by the post office and rented by us.
  • If you have two or more products , you can choose between Dispobox and disposable packaging at the checkout.
  • This means that you only receive the products in tissue paper and are therefore delivered almost without packaging .
  • We cover the rental costs of the box, there are no additional costs for you.
  • The box becomes sustainable when it is returned to the cycle many times. Thank you for your help.

This is how the handover in the Dispobox works

The postmen are really eager to hand the products over to you personally. You want to ensure that the boxes get back into the care of the post office as quickly as possible. They prefer to take the boxes back with them and put them back into the cycle. This makes the box sustainable! 🌿

It is therefore an advantage if you are home when the delivery arrives. You then simply take the products out of the box and give them back straight away. If you are not at home, you can pick up the products at the post office with the collection invitation. 📯

But: 100 postmen = 100 different delivery types. In rare cases, the box will be left in your milk box or entrance to your house. To ensure that the empty box returns to the postal cycle, we ask that you leave the box in a clearly visible location. The best thing to do is stick a note with a kind greeting and “can go back” on it.