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Care routine for normal skin

Normal skin is easy to care for and good-looking - this skin type is to be envied. It appears fresh and delicate, without noticeable pores or dry skin cells or excessive shine. With natural care you can make your skin shine even more. Find out here how you can further support your facial skin!

Pflegeroutine für normale Haut | Five Skincare

This is how you recognize normal skin

You have normal skin:

  • fine pores.
  • There's actually nothing to complain about with your skin.

Normal skin is the most common skin type. You don't have to deal with annoying impurities caused by excessive sebum production. You are also spared a skin surface that is too dry. Your skin is a gift!

Support balanced skin

In dermatology, normal skin also means balanced skin. Balanced or normal skin type refers to healthy skin in which sebum production and moisture levels are balanced . Normal skin is neither excessively oily nor particularly dry or tight. If you have some areas of skin that are particularly oily or tight, you probably have combination skin .

Normal skin does not require much complex care . If you have been happy with your skin for years without a long beauty routine, you should continue to trust in your natural skin protection barrier. It's better to avoid a lot of care, as this can put strain on your skin and lead to skin problems.

If you still want to support your skin, you can help with a few products. You should use light care and not irritate your skin with aggressive products.

How can normal skin become unbalanced?

Even normal skin can become unbalanced due to external influences. The reason for this could be, for example, incorrect or too aggressive care . But hormonal imbalances, stress or an unhealthy diet can also disrupt the skin's balance. Then your skin may become particularly sensitive or react with blemishes .

Normal skin

Your morning routine

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Wash your face and neck with plenty of lukewarm water .

FIVE Gesichtsserum & FIVE Gesichtsöl Balance

Care in summer

In summer, your skin needs a lot of moisture and only a little additional care in the form of light plant oils. To do this, mix the proportions of ¾ facial serum with ¼ facial oil Balance in the palm of your hand and apply both products together. Please don't forget to also apply sunscreen.

FIVE Gesichtsserum & FIVE Gesichtsöl Balance

Care in winter

If your skin requires a little more care or it's autumn outside, increase the oil content in your skin care and thus protect it from dry heated air and cold. To do this, mix the facial serum in the palm of your hand in equal proportions with the facial oil Balance .

Normal skin

Your evening routine

FIVE Make-up Entferner | Five Skincare


Since your skin is uncomplicated, cleanse it several times a week in the evening with only lukewarm water. However, if you have make-up on, wear sunscreen or your skin is out of balance, then it will appreciate a daily cleanse with make-up remover .

Five Gesichtsserum | Five Skincare


Your skin does not need protection from environmental influences overnight and therefore does not need extensive care. You gave her a little care when removing her make-up anyway. Care for your skin with the light and oil-free facial serum .

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Additional care

For extra care: A mild mask with pink clay, once or twice a week, mineralizes your skin and gives you a fresh complexion. Wash off with water before it dries! You can get pure clay at the pharmacy or health food store.

Maintain a balanced complexion

The right cleaning

Normal skin is usually relatively robust and forgives one or two beauty sins. Nevertheless, you shouldn't be too careless with your skin. To avoid skin damage as much as possible, you should clean your skin regularly.

In the morning, lukewarm water is always sufficient for cleaning. In the evening, water alone is only enough if your skin is without make-up and free of sunscreen. These products cannot be removed with water alone and should not be left on the skin overnight. Because if you go to bed regularly without taking off your makeup, you can also irritate normal skin and its condition will gradually worsen. The make-up residue on the face promotes pimples and impurities. Our make-up remover comes to your aid by gently but thoroughly cleaning your skin.

Tips for normal skin

To ensure that your skin condition remains even and that no skin damage occurs, you can pay attention to a few factors. Here are five tips for long-term , even skin :

  • Get enough sleep.
  • Drink enough water or unsweetened tea.
  • Eat healthy and avoid sugar.
  • Protect your skin from UV radiation.
  • Use a gentle care product with few ingredients that does not irritate your skin.

At FIVE we believe that parabens, microplastics and silicones have no place in sensible skin care. That's why we limit ourselves to a handful of ingredients in each product. The ingredients in our cosmetic products naturally complement the functions of your skin. So that you know what you are applying to your skin, we write all the ingredients (don't worry, there are a maximum of five per product ) directly on the bottles and jars.