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Care routine for mature skin

As you enter the second half of your life, you may be looking forward to being more relaxed about your own body. Your skin has grown with you and shows what you have already experienced. Mature skin appreciates loving care from you; it likes rich products and lots of moisture.

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This is how you recognize mature skin

If it's been a while since your 40th birthday and you notice that wrinkles are developing into wrinkles and your skin is losing volume , this indicates that your skin is mature. Other characteristics may include: dryness, pigment spots and an uneven complexion.

We all develop mature skin at some point. The feeling is not always the same. Some are extremely bothered by it and may also struggle with increasing problems during menopause; for some, the condition of mature skin is never an issue. Both can be like that.

This is how mature skin is created

The older we get, the more slowly processes take place in our body: cell renewal slows down and the skin's ability to regenerate decreases because cell metabolism no longer works as optimally. It affects all of our skin, but you notice it clearly in small skin injuries that heal much more slowly than before.

A little tip for you: Facial massages and lots of exercise promote blood circulation and ensure that nutrients reach the outermost layers of the skin and thus stimulate regeneration.

Rich care for mature skin

Mature skin usually needs a little more external care to better compensate for age-related losses. The care can be extensive . However, you don't need specific products for the eye area or a line for every time of day. Two to three coordinated and individually combinable products cover all different facial care needs.

Two things are the focus of facial care for mature skin:

  • Moisture , i.e. water or plant hydrosols, which is bound by substances such as hyaluronic acid and glycerin and thus moisturizes the skin for a long time.
  • Protection through nourishing plant oils, which compensate for the deficiencies of mature skin and seal the skin slightly so that the water stored in the skin cannot evaporate to the outside so quickly.

Good to know: At FIVE we never use the term anti-aging because it has negative connotations and is colored by advertising that has too often suggested that the aging process can be stopped or even reversed, which is unfortunately not true. However, we can actively counteract premature aging by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and the right care products that additionally care for and protect your skin. Our blog article on this: Anti-Aging: An old concept rethought .

Maybe you're not yet 40+, but you've still landed on this page and are wondering how you can counteract premature skin aging? Then read our article about skin care after 30 .​​

mature skin

Your morning routine

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As with all other skin conditions, we recommend that you only wash your mature skin with plenty of lukewarm water.

FIVE Gesichtsserum & FIVE Gesichtsöl Regeneration

Care in summer

You can prevent moisture loss with the facial serum that you always apply together with the nourishing facial oil Regeneration . This way you lock in moisture and give your skin nourishment in the form of important fatty acids. Our facial oil with sea buckthorn pulp oil contains a lot of palmitoleic acid, a natural active ingredient against pigment spots. Please don't forget to also apply sunscreen.

FIVE Gesichtsserum & FIVE Shea Cream | Five Skincare

Care in winter

Above all, your skin needs protection from dry heating air and cold weather. The most important product is the Shea Cream , which you can apply alone to skin that has been previously moistened with water in freezing temperatures or, if it is not that cold, use together with the facial serum .

mature skin

Your evening routine

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Gentle cleansing is particularly important for mature skin. Avoid washing gels or foaming products; mature skin needs moisturizing cleansing such as our make-up remover .

FIVE Gesichtsserum & FIVE Gesichtsöl Regeneration


Night care should not be quite as rich as day care, as your skin does not need protection from environmental influences. That's why the product focus is on the facial serum , which you can apply alone or together with just a little facial oil or shea cream . The concept of light night care may be new to you. Feel free to try it out for a few days and observe your skin the next morning.

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Additional care

Mature skin has reduced blood circulation. As a result, less oxygen and nutrients are transported to the outermost layers of the skin. This makes the skin's own regeneration processes more difficult. You can counteract this with a loving facial massage two to three times a week. Our Shea Cream is ideal for this.

Prevent premature skin aging

Skin aging depends on internal and external factors . The internal ones are genetic and cannot be changed. However, external factors play at least as important a role in skin aging. Here you can actively do something about it with your lifestyle.

The external factors include everything that causes oxidative stress for our skin: above all UV radiation, smoking, alcohol, a sugary diet and stress. We can actively counteract this with a healthy lifestyle and delay skin aging . We have published various articles on our blog that address the connection between nutrition, stress and skin. We have linked the most suitable ones for you below.

You can prevent premature skin aging in these areas:

Balanced diet with a focus on vegetables and protein. Little sugar and few fast carbohydrates (pastries, light bread, white rice, all sweets)

Menopause can be a major challenge when caring for mature skin. The hormonal balance causes changes here that can be very stressful. Parchment-like skin, which is increasingly sensitive and difficult to care for, poses major problems for many women. We have dedicated a blog series to the topic.